NEW! “We took a pair of Shooaways to a 4th of July cookout and put them on the salad and dessert table. When we packed up to leave a number of people were waiting to see who brought them. Everyone there wants to buy some. One man was already on his smart phone to place an order.”! Kirk Dobson

“I am so anxious to buy some of these! A friend of mine sawthem at a party recently and was amazed and impressed”! Marilyn Sullivan, Sacramento


“It’s long been my summertime habit to enjoy a cup of tea on my patio every morning. The downside of this has always been the annoying flies that always seem to zero in on my cup and take a stroll around the rim if I’m not vigilant enough to wave them off as they circle. Then, to my delight, I discovered the ShooAway. I simply place it next to the cup so that the blades revolve just over it. Since the first day I used the ShooAway, not one fly has landed on my cup. They are still there; they land on me and on the table, but never on the cup. This is an amazing and truly useful product”. -June HoltSacramento, CA


“Flies have been a never ending problem for us since we do catering jobs and many of these are outdoors. Since we are dealing with hot foods and desserts, we cannot use chemical sprays or fans. In August we were introduced to Shooaway as a possible solution to our fly problem. On a recent outdoor catering job in Sacramento, we used two Shooaway units and they effectively eliminated all the flies from and near the food. We recommend Shooaway to others plagued by flies and are currently awaiting the delivery of additional units”. Trish W., Owner, Devine Catering, Elk Grove, California


“The Shoo-Away is a simple but very effective invention. I loved the fact that you could just turn it on before food arrived then turn it off when we’d finished eating. It is quiet, non invasive and unlike a lot of other things, there is no irritating smell. I put it in the middle of the table and found no flies came near, so it kept the whole table fly free. The cost of use with 2 AA batteries is virtually non existent. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Janine193, Wood Ford VIC


“I love this product, and it really works. We had a BBQ to test it out and placed it outside where the food was on the table. We had flys avoiding it like it was a spray. We intend to buy two more for those days when we have big family BBQs. Its simplicity is the key.Its easy to place on the table and works.Perhaps a heavier base for those warm winds that occassionally whip up at an outside BBQ. Well done to the Inventors for making such a clean and green addition to the great Aussie dine out”. Patty, Branxholm TAS


We’ve used the Shooaways regularly all summer and have to say that we’re really impressed. Our house is in a very rural area of South West France in the center of a farming community. We have two sheep farms about a kilometer away in opposite directions. Consequently, we do have a significant fly problem.

For the last four years or so we have been using a South African flytrap called “Red Top” that we buy over the internet. It is extremely effective in reducing numbers but does’nt stop the ones around the table on the terrace where we were eating or entertaining.

Your product has filled that gap perfectly for us and works a treat. David Brown – Frayssinet, France

It was an outdoor event in Guadalupe Valley vineyards, outdoors, excellent product, no flies on the tables, a success. This must be sold in Mexico and the world. _  Dr. Ignacio de la Vega, Tijuana, Mexico